Evening meetings

We meet at our studio every Monday evening. We offer no tuition, but we always have a portrait model and occasionally a life model.

  • Monday at Cottingham: 6:45—8:45pm — (details)

COVID precautions

We ask people attending the Cottingham venue to wear a mask when entering the building and if walking about talking. You can remove the mask when sitting and drawing.

Many of our members are vulnerable to infection and the room is getting crowded as more members begin to attend.

We ask that only people who have had the COVID vaccination to attend.

Thursday sketching

We meet for outdoor sketching throughout the year, Thursday daytime.

Model fees

Paid models are £3.00. Volunteers welcome.


  • Meetings are on Monday evenings
  • Outdoor sketching sessions Thursday daytime
  • Annual exhibitions

Periods of closure

The studio is closed during term time holidays. During August we sometimes find alternative accommodation for a few weeks.